Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card

Now, there are a plethora of R4 3DS cards on the market. It is hard to choose and when you ask someone who knows about R4 3DS cards, they would most likely point you towards buying one of the premium R4 3DS cards on the market.

In this article, we are going to talk about an upgraded R4 3DS card that not only is a premium option but it also has a quality feature not found in other R4 3DS cards.

The card I am talking about is the Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card. Now, what separates this R4 3DS card apart from the rest of the competition is the fact that this card supports 4 different Nintendo gaming platforms namely, GBA, 3DS, Nintendo DS, and the SNES.

What I mean is that you can play all of the games in these platforms all in your Nintendo 3DS.

Normally, when you’re using other R4 3DS cards out on the market, you still need to install a standalone emulator to be able to play SNES games, for example.

But, with the Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card, all of the games from the gaming platforms are supported by default, meaning, you do not need to do anything else other than download games and loading them up in your Nintendo 3DS.

Now, what is the difference between the previous version of this R4 3DS card versus the Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016? Well, the main difference is that it now comes with a much powerful hardware.

The Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card now comes with 2 times the CPLD (or processors) than that of the previous generation and that it also comes with a hefty 32MB of internal RAM.

This translates into a much more efficient and speedy performance than the previous generation of the Supercard DSTWO. It also translates into 4 times the flash memory compared to the 8MB of RAM that the 2015 edition had.

Furthermore, the Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card also has homebrew application support if you want to install other homebrew applications on your portable gaming console.

I am astonished by the amount of dedication that the manufacturers of the Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card have. They are always committed to bringing you the best R4 3DS card experience out there.

I just love the fact that they baked all of the popular emulators to work by default in their 2016 edition of their R4 3DS card.

If you’re weary of buying this card because it might not have a cheating software, then you have to destroy that fear. The Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card comes with an Action Replay Cheating application that allows you to cheat your games to victory.

With a newer and better hardware, four of the most popular Nintendo consoles baked into one card, and great customer support, the Supercard DSTWO Plus 2016 R4 3DS Card is a must-have for people who are looking for an R4 3DS card today.

admin / March 15, 2016 / R4 3DS